5 years at unbounce

Yesterday marked my 5th year at Unbounce and I am so grateful for the growth and experience I’ve had working with so many amazing, smart, and humble people.

I’ve been very fortunate with opportunities at Unbounce but the biggest by far (read: scariest) would have to be speaking in front of 1,000 marketers at Queen Elizabeth Theatre this past August for CTA Conference.

Big thank you to Larissa Hildebrandt for holding it down with me on stage and for being an absolute delight to work with.

Thank you Carter Gilchrist (and the rest of the founders Rick Perreault, Oli Gardner, Carl Schmidt) for giving me a job and creating the space for so much trial and error.

I am extremely humbled and proud to have been part of Unbounce’s story so far.

Jan 26 2019

Leaving unbounce