Design to product management

I’ve been given an opportunity to take over a team at Unbounce and manage a piece of the product. After 3+ years working as a designer I’m eager to use my experiences in user research and customer-centricity in a different role and explore the business side of things more.

I have long-term aspirations of starting a company and Product Management is excellent experience that I think will pay dividends in the future. Additionally, I think it is going to make me a better designer as I gain a better understanding of the business and will be forced to make trade-off decisions. It will also give me a broader view of how to solve problems.

I’m also really excited to get to work more closely with my friends and colleages across departments in Sales, Marketing, Customer Success, etc.

Some areas I’m not currently great at that I’m looking to grow in are:

My new position as Product Manager for Popups & Sticky Bars means I’ll continue to work with the same group of developers and designers but in a different capacity. It’ll be my job to keep them focussed, defend scope, and make sure we are building the right thing at the right time for our customers.

I’m a little nervous but thankful I have the support of some great product people like Meagan Sobol, Partho Ghosh, Jordana Mah, and Owen Rogers.

Here’s to future launches, but more importantly, future learnings!

Jun 28, 2016

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