Today in Design - 2 Weeks Later

Today in Design - 1 Month In

Here’s how Today in Design is doing after ~1 month in:

Dashboard screenshot from Beehiiv

→ This week we passed 250 subscribers 🎉

→ Main growth channel is still X with some people coming in from LinkedIn

→ LinkedIn page is at 79 followers as of this morning. Started this last week so happy with that.

→ Bento summaries have driven significant X traffic, follows, shares, and subscribers compared to previous list format.

Main idea behind these👆 is that X is promoting video content and demoting posts with links.

Videos with embedded links on X supposedly get more 2x more impressions.

If the game changes, you gotta change with it.

→ I’ve connected with countless designers/builders on here and have had some great conversations with people I’ve been following (quietly) for years.

It’s been a blast.

This weekend I want to:

→ Optimize bento creations.

→ Build a list of sponsor prospects so I can start reaching out this week

Never done ad sponsorship before but based off what i’ve read I’m thinking a range of $20 - $50 depending on DOW, and placements.

Ad placements can be “presented bys” in email, sponsored blurbs, dedicated cell in my daily bentos, sponsor-branded bento theme, etc.

Lots of ideas here.

If you think I’m way off, please reach out!

Eventually I want to:

→ Build custom landing page (currently using Beehiiv’s native one)

→ Play with Beehiiv API to build custom experience site wide

→ Setup bentos for different dimensions / platforms (ig, pinterest, etc.)

Big thank you to everyone who’s been along for the ride so far.

Headed out for a bike with my family now 🚴‍♂️🚴‍♀️👶

Hope everyone has a great weekend and y’all get to touch some grass.