Today in Design - 1 Month In

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Today in Design - 2 Weeks Later

Stats for Today in Design after ~2 weeks of serious effort.

Dashboard screenshot from Beehiiv

Some learnings so far:

→ X has been my #1 growth channel so far.. “Today in Design” posts started very strong (1000s of impressions) but are performing worse and worse (100s today).

→ “Self-promotion” posts on Reddit get removed real fast–helping > selling

→ Consistency is going to be key–main reason I chose daily format

→ @beehiiv is crazy powerful–lots to learn still but tons of others building atm. Team feels genuinely committed to your success.

→ “Marketing” is uncomfortable but can be fun.

→ Making optimizations every day. Takes about 1-1.5 hours to get one out. Aiming to get sub 1 hour consistently.

→ Waking up early > staying up late–for my current situation anyways. Did 5:30am wakeups this week get the newsletter out before my 1yo wakes up.

Early days but enjoying it so far.

Perks include:

  • being more proactive vs. reactive with my day
  • able to pickup any thing that I may have missed from the night before
  • actually going to bed with my wife (vs. previously staying up late)
  • I get to hit publish and go wake up my little man who then get’s my full attention before I get to work work.

Cold showers, UV light and fasting starting next week (jokes).

→ Connecting with other designers has been amazing and there are some real good ones in this community. So much helpful feedback and support already and if nothing else, I’m already feeling a sense of “winning”.

→ I have a total of $4.80 in pending earnings for Beehiiv’s boosts feature–cha ching.

If anyone is curious about starting a newsletter or just wants to chat, DM me! We can figure this stuff out together!

Sep 23 2023

Today in Design - 1 Month In