Unbounce user personas

In Janurary 2015, after roughly 5 years of business, we at Unbounce wanted to get a better understanding of who our customers were and what they needed. We wanted to find out what behavioural patterns and areas of opportunity existed within our current customer base.

Q: Who are our customers?

Using Intercom, we sent out emails to everyone in our customer base that had been signed up for at least 120 days and had published atleast 2 landing pages (our criteria for ‘active’ users of Unbounce)

Given that we were asking our customers a lot of questions, we wanted to make sure the experience was as delightful as possible. Typeform made this super easy for us and it resulted in an incredible 366 responses.


Our Product Data Analyst, Ahmed Radwan, went to work in Excel and turned the data from our 366 respondents into groupings of shared characteristics and behaviours.


Based on the groupings Ahmed created from our survey results, we identified customers that fit each profile. From there, Customer Success Manager Tia Fomenoff reached out to our customer base to schedule some customer interviews. We were able to complete 31 in total. This allowed us to dig a lot deeper into some of the pain points our customers were experiencing. Something we couldn’t do in the survey alone.

Compiling results

Once the interviews wrapped, we spent time comparing notes to some of the patterns we identified in the surveys and created 5 personas that reflected all of our research (and assumptions).

Cheat sheets were created to make the information we compiled more digestible and accessible to Unbounce employees.

As we wanted this information to be readily available and aid in onboarding new teammates, we thought it would be a good idea to create dedicated Unbounce alnding pages for each persona.

Below is the exploration and eventual result of all our hard work.

Bringing it all together

For the colour scheme, I thought it would make sense to keep the colours used in the spreadsheets that we had used throughout the research phase of the project.

Nov 1 2016

Design to product management

Nov 28, 2015

Cta conference shirt design