Owner | Designer | Developer

2020-Present (WIP)

This project is still a work in progress
If you want, you can see it live in all it's unfinished glory right here↗
If you've got some feedback, I'd love to hear it—likes, issues, and ideas are welcome via email↗
Customers can browse from a library of designs and select a color palette that matches their home

Beauzar is a way for you to get one-of-a-kind artwork, made to match your home

Between 2018 and 2020 I was off recovering from various surgeries and wanted to build a Shopify store in order to learn more about the platform, ecommerce, digital marketing, and drop-shipping.

Breaking down the Beauzar identity.
Corner shot of print to showcase paper quality
Full view of a selected print

Product Illustrations

Illustrations create a more inviting & playful experience for visitors to make things mroe familiar. I used procreate an iPad I had kicking around the house.

Free returns illustration
Free shipping illustration
General brand illustration
Open Graph image for social shares.