Biggi hilmars cinematic songs

Biggi Hilmars Cinematic Songs

One of my favourite things to do in my free time is to take in a good movie. Second to that it is good music… Strange, right? Unfortunately, I have been finding it difficult lately to find the time to sit back and watch a story unfold on screen. However, as I am spending hours on end behind the computer, I am afforded the opportunity to listen to a variety of good music.

Often times, a nice break from the usual playlist is some soundtrack music. Biggi Hilmars is a composer who has done work for commercials, television and film. One of his most notable compositions is entitled Ponds. It is featured in the ad below, but I’m sure you will think you’ve heard it somewhere else. His album Cinematic Songs is filled with others just like it. Next time you are hours into a project and need some music to help your thoughts unfold, and don’t want to clutter your brain with Dubstep, try Biggi Hilmars. I guarantee that you will recognize his work from something you’ve seen—or should I say heard—before.

Motorola Xoom Super Bowl Commercial 2011 from BIGGI HILMARS on Vimeo.